The Essential Guide to Lighting up your Christmas

With frosty mornings, darker evenings, and shops getting out their festive stock, excitement about Christmas is building. If you plan your Christmas Lights, rather than a slapdash “grab-what-you-can” affair, then you’ll boost the Christmas sentiment, spend wisely, and get the festive wonderland feeling that warms your cockles. Follow our guide to getting the right Christmas Lights for you.

Think Space
Before you begin browsing festive light offerings, think about your space. Do you have a large area to fill or a cosy lounge? Do you have lots of windows or are you the school fair Santa’s grotto? Are you inside or outside, or both? Where’s the space’s natural focal point – a mantelpiece, Christmas tree, or window?


Take your understanding of the space you have, and then:

Think Style

What look are you going for? What do you want your home, grotto or venue to say about Christmas? Are you after a dazzling child-centred display of reindeers and Santa’s magic? Are you looking for Christmas wishes in a winter wonderland? Are you looking to evoke Christmases past? Are you wanting reflections of carols with the scent of mulled wine? Consider colours, temperatures, and shapes.


Combine your understanding of the space and style you desire. Once you’ve got this image in your mind, then’s your time to begin to create the light picture.

Think Budget

Knowing what space and style you are working with it’s time to consider your festive lights in the context of your budget. Unfortunately the chocolate coins at the bottom of last year’s stocking won’t cut it. You’re looking to marry up your festive expectations with the best that your budget can buy. Knowing the atmosphere you are seeking to create, you can refine your options with clear understanding of prices using our shopping pages – we’re sure as you delve in to the Festive Lights Christmas stocking you’ll find just what you need.


Festive Lights – Nordic Star

Think Different, Think Wow

Lights are all about standing out, even if you’re looking for a retro-inspired simple look. However, you want to stand out for the right reasons: dazzling, wintry, festive sparkles, not because you eclectically dumped the Rockin’ Robin next to the Victorian advent candle.

At this stage, it’s also important to remember that whilst you want your festive lights to be incredible in the dark, you also want them to be beautiful in the light. Take care to choose designs that balance both requirements, such as this stylish Nordic star.

Be Inspired to Inspire this Christmas

Once you’ve done your festive lights homework above, you’re then much better armed to draw up your festive lights wish list. Make sure you consider indoor lights, outdoor lights, whilst not forgetting your all-important tree lights. And as you consider each sparkling delight remember to Think Space, Think Style, Think Budget, Think Wow.

We’re just a little excited about Christmas, and even more about Christmas lighting. The best festive lighting displays are the magic behind the atmosphere. So, follow our tinsel-tastic tips to make your festive lighting display one that reflects what Christmas means for you.